Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing for Accomodations

RCBM offers evaluations in order for one to seek accommodations for college (e.g. extended time) as well as standardized testing (SAT, ACT, LSAT, MCAT, and GRE). For college accomodations testing, we ask that you please provide documentation outlining the testing requirements stipulated by your college/university, as each univeristy is different in terms of their testing requirements. For standardized testing accomodations, we provide the testing evaluation stipulated by each testing agency. Please see the following links for additional information regarding what each testing agency requires: ACT; SAT; MCAT; LSAT; ETS assessments. If you are interested in pursuing an accommodations evaluation, please call our office to schedule a one-hour intake session with one of our testing clinicians, who will conduct an intake interview and compile necessary background information. Then, you will be scheduled for a 3-hour testing session. If more time is needed to complete the evaluation after the initial testing session, a second testing session will be scheduled, with the length of this session depending on the time needed to complete the evaluation. Results will vary depending on the needs of each individual.  Although we are performing the assessments required by one's college/the pertinent testing agency, the ultimate decision is at their discretion.


Please note that accommodations testing services provided at RCBM are not covered by insurance, and the price varies based on the length of testing. 


Additional Questions?

If you have any questions regarding our Accommodations Evaluations, feel free to call our Center, and one of our testing clinicians would be happy to speak with you.


Amanda Moar Kerbawy, PhD, LLP
Amber Barber, BA
Ashley Ceresnie, PhD, LLP
Benjamin Young, BS BA
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Jillian Fortain, PhD, LLP
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Lindsey Brenz, BA, LSC
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