Extended Time and Accommodations for Individuals with AD/HD

Some individuals with AD/HD are entitled to special accommodations in the academic and work settings.  The Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine can facilitate this process by communicating to your school or employer your exact diagnosis.  Some accommodations, particularly in the school settings, are protected by federal mandates.

It is a big decision whether to proceed with accommodations.  For instance, extended time on standardized college examinations is available but there is some concern as to whether schools hold this against applicants.  For this reason, a decision to proceed should be carefully discussed with the school counselor and an RCBM professional.

If a decision is made to proceed with testing, Ashley Ceresnie, MA, tLLP, takes the lead.  Ms. Ceresnie will interview you and your family, assess what testing has already been done, and report to you what further testing (if any) needs to be done.  Further testing can be scheduled here at RCBM.  Once all documents are complete, Ms. Ceresnie can furnish a report/letter meeting the very high standards set forth by the college board or human personnel department.  Although Dr. Young is not directly involved in the preparation of this report, he does review and sign it in the final step.  The final determination as to whether accommodations are granted is made by the applicable board or department.  You can make an appointment with Ms. Ceresnie by contacting our front office.


Ashley Ceresnie, MA, tLLP


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Clinical Research Trials

RCBM is currently involved in clinical trials on the following research topics:

Current Studies:

Adolescent Depression, Ages 12-17

Adult ADHD, Ages 18-55       

Adult Binge eating, Ages 18-55

Adult Depression, Ages 18-70

Teen Smoking Cessation, Ages 12-16



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