Patient Forms and Downloads

The 18 and Up Patient Forms are:

New Patient Packet - 18 and Older

The Under 18 Patient Forms are:

New Patient Packet - Under 18

Other Important Forms

Release of Information (PDF)

Please Note: There will be a $30 processing and additional $5 shipping and handling fee for the copy and transfer of medical records. We appreciate your cooperation.

Clinical Research Trials

RCBM is currently involved in clinical trials on the following research topics:

Current Studies:

Adolescent Depression, Ages 12-17

Adult ADHD, Ages 18-55       

Adult Binge eating, Ages 18-55

Adult Depression, Ages 18-70

Teen Smoking Cessation, Ages 12-16



For more information on these studies, please contact Kevin Storai, MS at 248-608-8800 ext 266 or